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Gold Panda Announces New Album and Shares Video for Lead Single

Gold Panda - Time Eater (Official Video)

UK producer Derwin Schlecker, aka Gold Panda, announced Good Luck and Do Your Best, his third LP in total and his first for Berlin-based label City Slang today. He also shared the video for the lead single "Time Eater," coming directed by Israeli visual artist and curator Ronni Shendar, and complimenting the melancholic, fizzily textural, and chime-laden track with portraits of the cityscapes of Hong Kong, Berlin, New York, Cologne, and Las Vegas.


The album was heavily influenced by two trips the artist took to Japan starting in 2014, one of which was with photographer Laura Lewis. "The album was recorded at home in Chelmsford, but I had that visual inspiration or documentation from Japan," the artist explained in the press release. "If you go in those months, Japan has this light that we don't get here. It's hard to explain … there were a lot of pink and green colors."

The title Good Luck and Do Your Best comes from a memorable phrase a cab driver in Hiroshima said to Schlecker in English, which was a translation of the Japanese phrase ganbatte, kudasai. "Once you have a title, for me, things come together a lot easier for what it's going to be," Schlecker said, crediting the title with influence on the album's overall "quite motivational, quite positive" tone. See the tracklist below, and pick up the record when it's out on May 27.

Good Luck and Do Your Best tracklist:

1. Metal Bird
2. In My Car
3. Chiba Nights
4. Pink and Green
5. Song for a Dead Friend
6. I Am Real Punk
7. Autumn Fall
8. Halyards
9. Time Eater
10. Unthank
11. Your Good Times Are Just Beginning

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