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Susan Sarandon Spread (and Drank) Acid Pioneer Timothy Leary's Ashes at Burning Man

Hippie grandma FTW!

Since the burning of the man last week, we've all found ourselves amidst the yearly social media orgy of photos, stories, and head scratching discoveries to emerge from The Playa. This year, one of the most entertaining celeb spottings was the appearance of Susan Sarandon, who along with Katy Perry and proud deep house-head Diddy, hit the desert for her first time since 2013.

This year, the Oscar winning grandma went all out in the desert, sporting a variety of hippie garbs, and most notably—holding a funeral procession in which she spread, drank, and discussed the ashes of LSD guru Timothy Leary, who was a longtime friend of the actress. Heading to the desert a week early, Susan even helped construct the iconic Totem of Confessions, the festival's yearly structure of remembrance, and location of the ceremony dedicated to the the scientist.

Her speech included some words about her relationship to Leary, whose ashes were partially gifted to Sarandon in 1996 after his death. After discussing some of the scientist's work, importance to the LSD movement, as well as how she came to acquire some of his remains, the procession eventually begins, ending in the form of a glowing late-night dance party.

Watch the whole situation go down in this video captured by Future Eyes TV, and be aware—you're going to see some hippie dicks.