Egyptrixx Adopts Ceramic TL Moniker for New Album 'Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border'

The Canadian producer born David Psutka launches a new project and shares a fragile single
January 7, 2016, 8:59pm

David Psutka's been crafting warped club mutations as Egyptrixx for the better part of the last half decade, but for his next release on his own Halocline Trance label he's adopting a new moniker, Ceramic TL. On March 15, Psutka will release an album called Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border, a new collection that promises — according to a press release — "seven meditations on optimism and faith through the prism of environmental cataclysm."

The first single, a micro-sampled latticework saddled with the lengthy title "This looks just like it, the answer to my prayers - I thought my life was over until two years later I arrived," and its instrumental grandeur seems to follow on the lofty promises of this new project. Over the course of its four minutes it flits through abstract alien mantras, jittery metallic pings, and distant drones that taken together sound like the more brittle recordings that Louis Carnell has made as Visionist, or a shattered and pieced back together version of his own work as Egyptrixx.

Psutka's also launching a new NTS Radio show called "Halocline Trance with Egyptrixx" which will begin on January 12. Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border is out on cassette and digital on March 15, but in the meantime you can listen to his debut Ceramic TL single below.