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Nicolas Jaar Shares Latest Single for Illustrious Belgian Label R&S Records

Nymphs IV features a detuned, spurting, and churning track called "Fight"—stream it now.
October 7, 2015, 7:20pm
Photo Credit: Tim Jones

Whether it's through scoring obscure Soviet films from the 1960s, dropping some of the best DJ sets we've ever seen, or putting out the Nymphs series—a collection of abstract dance singles on his own label, Other PeopleNicolas Jaar can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point in his career.

Today, Jaar is back in boss mode with another chapter to his Nymphs catalogue, this time releasing excitingly (and unexpectedly) on R&S Records, the iconic Belgian imprint known for experimental electronic music courtesy of everyone from Aphex Twin to James Blake.


The resulting "Fight" single is only a one-tracker, and it's a smooth dip into the grainy, dissociative production we've come to expect from Jaar. Full of detuned synths, phased hiss, and spurts of IDM-styled percussion, it's a pretty gripping listen. Take it for a spin below. While you're at it, check out the rest of the Nymphs series below the new track.

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