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Stocking Stuffers For Your Club Rat Friends

Make your raver friends glow in more ways than one with these holiday gift ideas.
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'Tis the season to be jolly, and according to club rats everywhere―pop bottles and molly. All jokes aside, it's also the time for Christmas parties, Hanukkah hoedowns, and Kwanzaa kerfuffles. So get ready for presents, presents, and more presents! But this also means the pressure is on—no one wants to be responsible for a shitty throwaway gift. So to avoid frantically running around 15 minutes before your rave crew's Christmas shindig and ending up at a convenience store with a handful of cheap chocolates―we've got a guide just for you. Do yourself a favor and make your raver friends happy this year with one of these gifts.


Kandi Beads/Kandi Kit

These days, nothing says you love to dance to loud, repetitive electronic music like wearing a shit ton of plastic beads. Take it to the next level and make your own.

Total Cost: Starting at $12.98

Glow In The Dark Condoms

Who doesn't want to make their dong look like a light saber? Remember, Star Wars is cool again—12.7 million people can't be wrong!

Total Cost: $6.60

Black Light Body Paint / Glitter Spray

Ze German Sparkle Party may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't get decked out in glitter and body paint anytime you want. I am Jack's burning retinas.

Total Cost: $17.99

Ear Plugs

Let's face it—the music at clubs these days is just too damn loud. Do your future self a favour and protect your facial features against tinnitus before it's too late.

Total Cost: $12.95

Rave Sunglasses

Listen to your friend Cory Hart: he's a cool dude.

Total Cost: $25.97

Around the World in 80 Raves

This book details all the biggest festivals and raves across the world. It even includes a history of each party, quotes from artists and attendees, and photos.

Total Cost: $14.95

Ridiculous Rave Keychain

Who doesn't want to flash their rampant drug abuse to their friends, family and coworkers? Now you can be that person… we weep for the future.

Total Cost: $4.10 (and a lifetime of regret)

LED lights, etc.

Why wait for your turn with the weirdo in the corner with all the finger lights when you can be that weirdo with the finger lights!


Total Cost: 12 for $2.10

Month Subscription to OWSLA or Mad Decent

It's hard to go wrong with a month's worth of free music.

Total cost: OWSLA = $9.00Mad Decent = $10.00

$500,000 Calvin Harris VIP "Dynastie Package" New Year's Eve Experience

… Ok, so maybe not.