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We Go to Melbourne's Least Exclusive Department Store with Touch Sensitive

Trying on moccasins has never felt so right.

Much like your excuses to not go to work on Mondays, the remaining days of summer are running out fast. The end of August means an end to long drives, making out on the beach, rollerblading, orange creamsicles, and many other things that only feel right in summer. With that in mind, we decided to link up with an artist whose music revives the fondest memories of all of the above: Touch Sensitive.

All photos by Airwolf Paradise. View the full gallery here.


The ideal location for a photo shoot would obviously be a beach or a moonlit road, but we were tired and wanted to get to Can't Say before the line was too long to get in so we went to a nearby Melbourne department store instead.

While we now know him as a staple of Aussie label Future Classic, before he was Touch Sensitive he was part of another prominent Australian band called Van She. To be completely candid with all of you, I'd been a fan of Van She for years and yet I didn't find this out until the time came to put this article together.

Trying on moccasins has never felt so right.

Is anything more disco than checking your pulse?

Apart from having a moustache, that is.

So long.

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