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Did Amy Schumer Just Jock PC Music in Her Recent Ode to Butts?

This is what you think is hot.

Sometimes when you think the meta-ness of our internet age can't get any weirder, it sneaks up and bites you right in the ass. Hey, speaking of asses, did you see Amy Schumer's recent music video promo for the new season of Inside Amy Schumer in which the comedian enlists Amber Rose and Method Man as well as Jemima Kirke and Amber Tamblyn to galavant and gyrate in praise of the female derriere? "Milk Milk Lemonade" is not about anacondas nor is it all about that bass. Instead, Schumer and co recast the most popular body part of the decade as a "poop machine."


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What is even more mind-blowing about the record is not that our culture can't go a month without a moment of internet ass virality, but the fact the creators of this song seemed to be paying homage to PC Music affiliate SOPHIE, and his 2014 club banger "Lemonade."

The phrasing, the tempo the bass hits, the squeaks, bubble pops, and artificially pitched vocals on the chorus are all quite similar in both tunes, not to mention the sexual innuendo (oh yeah, this is all about sex). Sure, "LEMONADE" seems more along the lines of a metaphor for achieving sexual bliss, and "Milk Milk Lemonade" doesn't hide the fact its celebration of defecation, but the tracks share a very similar vibe. Even the color themes between SOPHIE's album art, and Schumer's video are noticeably similar. You can play them at the same time right now and make your own yellow-colored mashup.

There's a graduate thesis waiting to be written about the identities of female voices in pop music as represented by PC Music artists like SOPHIE and meta-re-interpreted for the sake of comedy by Schumer. While you contemplate that, we're just going to keep listening to and watching both songs and videos on repeat as they're both incredibly catchy.