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Chet Faker Was Kicked Off SoundCloud for Copyright Infringement of Himself

The Australian artist tweeted that he was issued a takedown notice for copyrighting "Gold".
Photo by Savannah van der Niet, courtesy of Flickr

SoundCloud booted Chet Faker off the streaming platform today for copyright infringement… of one of his own tracks.

The Australian electronica megastar, real name Nick Murphy, tweeted that SoundCloud issued him with one of its infamous takedown notices for detecting that "one of his tracks may contain copyrighted content."

ok — ✋ɹǝʞɐℲ ʇǝɥƆ (@Chet_Faker)May 25, 2016

The offending track Chet Faker used? "Gold", by Chet Faker.

Earlier this month, SoundCloud denied to THUMP a report that it may soon restrict uploads of DJ mixes to the platform.

Anna Codrea-Rado is THUMP's News editor, she's on Twitter.