Nidia Minaj Reminds Us Club Music Can Be Spontaneous On "Puro Tarraxo"

The Príncipe Discos-affiliated artist has self-released yet another terrific new track on Soundcloud.
April 18, 2016, 10:06pm

Bordeaux-based artist, Nidia Minaj, has shared an elastic, microdetailed new tarraxo track—that being a particularly slow-paced Afro-Portuguese dance music style—on SoundCloud, titled "Puro Tarraxo." The artist is closely affiliated with the Lisbon-based label Príncipe Discos, having released her critically-acclaimed LP Danger with them last year, and this finds her adding to the abundance of terrific non-album material she's self-released since then.


Because club music is so often about programming machines to perform pre-fixed musical tasks, a sense of improvisation can often be edged out of the equation. Minaj has always found a way to inject fluidity and spontaneity into music software's grid form, though, and it's entrancing to hear these inorganic forms—disembodied vocal sample splinters, a plasticine boing, tuned percussion carefully pocketed in the mix so as to add barely-there textural character—in such masterfully articulate, evolving combinations.

In January the producer turned 19, and celebrated by releasing a track much, much better than most things you or I could make at that age.

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