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Pete Tong's Cheeky Interview with Moby is Absolutely Priceless

Pete Tong takes on his buddy Moby in this brilliantly insightful interview.

THUMP is proud to present an exclusive new interview series helmed by UK dance music legend Pete Tong. 

It's easy to picture Moby and Pete Tong as best bros, kicking back on the couch and tossing peanuts into each other's mouths while cracking open cold ones. After all, both guys seem to cruise along the same wavelength—stratospherically successful yet down-to-earth, aware of their place in electronic music history yet eager to explore the sounds of the future. Plus, in a sea of superstar DJs who think everything they shit out turns into gold, these two icons just seem to keep it chill.


Over the span of their city-hopping careers, Moby and Pete have DJed together a couple times, most recently when Moby did a guest spot at Tong's new LA residency at Sound Nightclub. So when the two sat down for the third installment of Pete Tong's THUMP interview series, they immediately started going at it like old buddies. "So now you're… something of the British empire? Do people have to refer to you as Sir Pete?" asked Moby, eyebrow firmly raised. "Unfortunately not," Pete Tong replied, laughing. "But just having cool acronyms after your name looks impressive," Moby added.

From there, the two veterans launch into a fascinating conversation that covers everything from Moby's teeange exploits in 1980s New York City, to why getting sober prompted Moby to leave the city he loved, to the secret architectural masterpieces of LA. It's the kind of conversation that only could've happened between two easygoing buddies, and it's nothing short of brilliant.