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We Dare You Not to Dance to This New Track From Arches

How much you wanna bet?

If you can manage to listen to this track without being catapulted from your seat into a state of full-on funk frenzy, then I'm sorry, but there must be something insane in your membrane. The party boy Belgian house duo Arches has found its forte in crafting tracks and remixes that fuse their love of the new beat sound—which originated in their native land of yummy chocolates—with a slew of hot-off-the-press house riddims that itch to set fire to every dance floor they cross.


Their next release, There's A Place, is already set to become a fixture in the grab bag of countless DJs who have one goal in mind: to make people dance. In anticipation of their debut release on April 7th, the pair have gifted us with a groove-heavy remix of the EP's title track from another house music aficionado, Russ Chimes. Give in to your inner dance demon and turn this one up to 11.

Pre-order the "There's A Place" EP before it's April 7th release.