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Yonder Alonso Walks Around Padres Dugout in Catcher's Gear Day After Justin Upton Drilled him in Head With Helmet

Yonder Alonso took a helmet to the dome from Justin Upton last night and showed up in the dugout today wearing catcher's gear. Just in case.
August 16, 2015, 10:50pm

This is Yonder Alonso of the San Diego Padres walking around the dugout in the tools of ignorance this afternoon. This is interesting because Yonder Alonso is not a catcher; he's an infielder, mostly a first baseman. But he wore the gear today to poke fun at a little incident from last night's game when Justin Upton accidentally fired a helmet into the side of his head. Plus, there's no such thing as too safe.

Cripes! That's pretty bad, and you can see Alonso's lower body tumble to the ground after he got hit with the helmet. The whole thing started because Upton got picked off second when he was the tying run in the eighth inning, and let his anger out when he got back into the dugout. It seems fairly obvious that Upton didn't mean to hit Alonso, or anyone for that matter, he just held on to the helmet too long, or maybe there was some pine tar stuck on his hands, who knows? Accidents happen. He did give Alonso a pretty good shot, though, forcing him out of the game for precautionary reasons.

Alonso was pretty fired up after the whole thing, and slammed whatever he could get his hands on into the ground. He went through the concussion protocol after the game and was given the OK but, jeez, you don't expect a helmet to the dome in your own dugout. For his part, Upton called himself childish, and said "I've got to do better than that." As for Alonso, he told reporters after the game "I don't think you guys need to know what was said. We talked about it, and it's all good."

At least he's in a better mood today.

h/t The Score