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The VICE UK Morning Bulletin

Brexit will be four times more expensive than previously thought, hospitals are in a state of "war", space lightning has been discovered, and much more.
February 10, 2017, 9:19am

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Bad Dubbing
Church leaders, MPs and peers are condemning a decision to end the "Dubs amendment" scheme that would allow unaccompanied migrant children to come to the UK. The government claimed the scheme encouraged people traffickers. – BBC

Hospitals in a State of War
Hospitals are currently in a state of "war", according to a government advisor. Wait times, an ill-advised ban on non-urgent operations and numerous other factors have put enormous strain on the health service. – Guardian


The Real Cost of Brexit
Brexit will be four times worse for the UK economy than previously thought, according to economists at MIT. The loss of foreign investment, they say, will be greater than the amount of money currently being sent to Europe. – Independent

Overpaid Tickets
The Office of Rail and Road is recommending that train companies refund passengers who accidentally buy tickets too expensive for their journey. Thirteen percent of commuters overpay due to confusing self-serve machines. – BBC


Appealing Decision
Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban has been struck down by the the Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision from the three judges was unanimous, calling the government's argument "contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy". – Washington Post

From Prime Minister to President
Former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has been elected as Somalia's new President. Farmajo was declared the winner after incumbent President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud dropped out of the contest after the second round of voting. – CNN

Kiwis Right Past Wrongs
New Zealand is preparing to overturn the convictions of men who were jailed for homosexual acts. The act will not be a blanked pardon, but a case-by-case review of the nearly 200 people who were convicted prior to the 1986 homosexual law reform. – New Zealand Herald

The Scandal We Forgot
The biggest US election scandal since Watergate occurred last year, and now seems to have disappeared. Why aren't we talking about the Trump-Russia story any more? – Mother Jones


A Cool Invention
Could this be the future of air conditioning? Researches at the University of Colorado and the University of Wyoming have developed  new metamaterial that could provide daytime radiative cooling, cutting down significantly on energy costs. – Motherboard

Maysles Not Included
At last, you can live like Big Edie and Little Edie! The mansion from the cult documentary Grey Gardens is now up for sale. For only $20 million, you can own an iconic part of American history. – i-D

Space Lightning
Think you know how lightning works? Think again. A photograph from the International Space Station shows a blue jet blasting upwards from clouds, and we're about to find out why. – Bad Astronomy

Just Not Cricket
In 1968, the treatment of a cricket player by the name of Basil D'Oliveira was the catalyst for public opinion turning against South Africa and its law of Apartheid. The story of what effect this had on the country and the world is a must-read. – Vice Sports

The Name of the Author, Not the Monster
Haifaa al-Mansour made history as the first Saudi woman to direct a feature film, 2012's acclaimed Wadjda. Her next film will be Mary Shelley, about the author who essentially created the genre of science fiction, and the first gothic picture of Elle Fanning as Shelley has been released. – Hollywood Reporter