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Take a 360° Ride on the Back of a Norwegian Supply Chain Robot

Scandinavian e-commerce giant Komplett’s 270,000 square foot distribution center is fully automated.

Supply-chain automation is a necessary step for any growing e-commerce company, when the only barriers to scalability are the humans manually retrieving boxes from a warehouse, putting them into a box, and shipping them out.

For Norwegian e-commerce company Komplett, a fully automated distribution center was the answer to its growing pains. The system is built on the AutoStore platform; a three-dimensional grid of self-stacking bins accessed from above by carts like the one you're about to experience. The carts have two sets of wheels on an X and Y axis that allows them to access any part of the building.

Image: AutoStore

This video, shot by Norwegian publication Teknisk Ukeblad, makes use of two GoPro Hero4 cameras with extreme fisheye optics. Load the video up with your smartphone or tablet, and if it has the newest version of the YouTube app, you can change your perspective by reorienting the device.