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Simon Doom Sounds Positively Perky on "I Feel Unloved"

This is not the soundtrack to a man with a mullet moping. Nope! This song and his LP, 'Babyman,' was co-produced by MGMT and it's glorious.

Ugh. This song is so good, with a verse like sunshine and plinkety guitars that are very Albert Hammond Jr.  Simon Doom is Simon O'Connor, a man who resides in Brooklyn, who's worked with Amazing Baby and Kuroma and Tommy Stinson of The Replacements, and he's buds with those two out of MGMT (Andrew and Ben), who have produced Doom's upcoming debut solo record Babyman—which he wrote in the wake of becoming a father. Heavy. Well it is. Parenthood is joyous, sure, but holy shit, the pressure. A lot of his feelings about the imminent lifelong job (and his love of Nirvana) were poured into this record. There's also something that's quintessentially 90s about "I Feel Unloved," premiering below. Something about the girl's plush refrain, perhaps, but then there's a Flaming Lips-ian synthy psych-pop twist too. Keep your ears cocked for his full length coming out via Votiv this May and listen below.