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And Now for Your Viewing Pleasure, Pharrell Does a Skepta Impression

"U get me?"
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Recently, BBC Radio 1's Clara Amfo caught up with Pharrell on the press junket for the Oscar-nominated, Janelle Monae-starring killer of a movie Hidden Figures, for which he served as a soundtrack supervisor, and contributed original music.  Admirably tackling the difficult questions, Amfo asked the terrifyingly ageless producer whether we'd be getting a new N.E.R.D. record anytime soon (I am choosing to take his non-committal response of "It's feeling really good, it's feeling really special" as an "absolutely definitely yes" because I need some good to cling onto) as well as quizzing him on his time working with Skepta. The two collaborated on Konnichiwa standout "Numbers," and as well as confirming that he'd be joining Skeppy on at least one more track in the future, Pharrell gave us a truly awful impression of the north London MC at around the 1:04 mark. It sounds like a novelty ringtone from the early 2000s and for that reason I love it.


Watch Clara Amfo's interview with Pharrell below:

(Image via YouTube)