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Get Lost in the Woods to So Below's Dark Synth-Pop Single "Hard"

Just don't forget your torch.

You never really forget the first time you got lost in the woods. Growing up in the post-Blair Witch era, you'd think most of us would know better, but there's every chance you would have followed a stream for just a moment longer than you needed to and turned back to find your primary school friends gone. Or taken a wrong turn trying to follow the bass to a hidden rave and ended up walking in circles for hours. It's all good until the sun sets, of course, at which point you'd better hope you stumble your way into a clearing or – better yet – make it to the edge of the thicket of trees.


By the looks of things in this new video from Kiwi musician Maddie North AKA So Below, getting out of the forest before dark didn't quite come to pass. The dark promo for her new single "Hard", directed by Susie Francis, sees So Below trudging past trees and swaying crops, all soundtracked by the glacial synths, thundering bass and wispy vocals that have come to typify her sound. More broadly, she's dubbed her music "gothpop", and has put this particular track together along with friend-collaborator Aaron Short from The Naked and Famous, and Bieber producer Leroy Clampitt.

"The song has a really cool pace to it and feels quite isolating," she said, "so I wanted that feeling to be reflected in the video. I also liked the idea of carrying on the nature theme from the previous video, "Far", and just developing on that. I'm super happy with how it came out." Well, if all 'abandoned in the woods' moments looked this artfully-lit, we'd all probably be keen on them too. Check out the video below, and scroll on for the details of So Below's upcoming UK tour dates, culminating in a free headline show in London.

Here's where you can catch her on tour in the UK in early 2017:

February 26 – Think Thank, Newcastle
February 27 – Broadcast, Glasgow
March 1 – The Castle, Manchester
March 2 – The Lending Room, Leeds
March 3 – Crofters Rights, Bristol
March 7 – The Shacklewell Arms, London

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