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Enjoy an Exclusive Listen to a Brand New John Talabot Track Because We Spoil You

The track is a central feature on Gerd Janson's fabric mix.
August 17, 2016, 10:10am

Gerd Janson's fabric mix (fabric 89) is really good. We were sent a promo a month or so ago, and the second it fell into our inboxes we felt 'that tingle'. You know the one; the tingle you get on Christmas eve, the tingle you get when you've finally set your tent up after three hours trudging through a festival campsite, the tingle you get when you remember it's a bank holiday this weekend. With 'the tingle' in full flow, we rushed home, slung an aux into the headphone jack and let Gerd do his thing.


Barely two tracks in and a track hit us like a tonne of bricks. Actually, less like a tonne of bricks, it didn't hurt, it was a strangely ethereal experience. A light, lilting track that fell feather-like from the speakers. We scanned the tracklist and saw that the dulcet tones were coming, of course, from John Talabot. We loved the track so much we had to get in touch with Gerd and fabric to ask if we could premiere it exclusively for you, and they graciously agreed.

"Voices" is classic Talabot. A flitting vocal sample that jolts and echoes, driven by the clatters and claps of a gentle beat. It plays an early but crucial role in Janson's ebullient and at times devastating fabric mix. Stream the track below.

fabric 89 is out 19th August via fabric Records.