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Stream of the Crop: 6 New Albums for Heavy Rotation 5/13

New albums from J Hus, Nick Murphy, and Girlpool top this week's list.

J Hus Common Sense

When Hus was released [from prison] in June of last year, he returned with renewed vigor, ready to put everything into his music. He quickly began work on Common Sense, which was completed in a few short months. In the interim when Hus didn't release any music, other artists had started to come through using a similar melodic-rap format. The album, Hus says, was designed to send a message: he owns this diasporic sound and is pushing it forward. "I wanted to present a more grown up J Hus, while also dabbling with a few other sounds to make it different," he explains, referring to the way Common Sense extends his palette to include elements of UK garage ("Plottin'"), G-funk ("Common Sense"), and solemn yet flourishing jazz ("Closed Doors").

Ryan Bassil, No One Is Like J Hus