This story is over 5 years old.


Post-Dentist Slipknot Fan: “Oh My God, My Life Is Perfect!”


As has been established many, many, many times, post-dentist recovery videos are almost always terribly unfunny. Just an excuse for parents to get some viral content out of their adorable, drugged up children. But this video, on the other hand, in which a dad delights his grown-ass Slipknot fan son with basic information about his life while he's recovering is [chef's kiss]. Watch as the simple revelations that he has two sisters, a mom, a dad, a chair, and a dog (HE LOVES BIG DOGS) bring him back to life.


Finally, after being reminded of the basic tenets of his life, he concludes, "OH MY GOD MY LIFE IS PERFECT!" Let this be a lesson for us all: Life is precious and you must appreciate the little things, like Slipknot and and chairs and big dogs.

And shouts out to America's Funniest Home Videos who are still dedicated to finding video of people hurting/demeaning themselves after all these years.