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"Come to Life," Electric Zoo's Anti-Drug PSA Has Leaked

Don't do drugs. Definitely don't brush your teeth with molly like this guy does.

It seems like every weekend we're getting reports of drug-related deaths at electronic music festivals, but there's been little response from the festivals themselves. New York festie mainstay Electric Zoo is planning a campaign titled "Come to Life," which includes a PSA-style video that concert-goers will have to watch prior to activating their wristbands. A version of it has just been leaked onto Reddit and we just took a gander.


In the video, a dude on some serious uppers an is totallyfeelingthemusicman, to the point of brushing his teeth with what we'll assume is some variant of MDMA. He eventually loses his chances with a cute girl, his mind, and then maybe dies. We're not sure what happens at the end, but we definitely felt weird.

The short vid, titled "The Molly," was produced by Dexter creator James Manos, Jr. Although it might have the feel of a cheesy PSA you watched in middle school, festivals taking a step to combat this troubling trend is a necessary move.

Check out the full campaign.

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Be safe, kids! - @JemayelK