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The Most Foolish Moments at Fool’s Gold Day Off

Danny Brown was one bad molly away from becoming a South Park character.
December 10, 2014, 8:37pm

Fool's Gold annual Day Off festival landed on the last day of Art Basel—AKA Miami's second annual party Olympics. This year, it went down in the backyard of Wynwood's LMNT gallery. Knowing this would be my last chance to pour cans of Desperado all over my friends, I decided to stick it out. Here are the most foolish moments I witnessed.

Danny Brown Was One Bad Molly Away From Becoming a South Park Character

I arrived as Nick Catchdubs played. His set was great, but I wouldn't call it ridiculous. Danny Brown's follow-up, however, was cartoonish, drug-fueled and ratchet as shit. I spotted A-Trak hanging out in the DJ booth, singing along to every word.

Titties Were Out for Everyone

You know it's a good party when you see drunk girls crying happy tears. Also, when they start bearing their lady parts. My good friend and local turn-up musician Niko Javan saw a girl twerking in a bra and booty shorts until her boobs fell out. Instead of stopping, she just bent all the way over and twerked harder. "People were inspired and started going more HAM," he informed me.

A-Trak Drew Blood From Vinyl With Surprise Guest OG Maco

A-Trak is just a foolish freak on the ones and twos. He came out like, "I'm just going to do a little scratch thing and then I'm going to have a guest." Turns out that "little scratch thing" meant the hottest turntable freestyle I've ever experience in my life. Pretty sure he drew blood from the vinyl. Then surprise guest OG Maco swaggered on stage with his goofy blonde hair, along with fellow Atlantian Key. Bitch, we did not guess it, but we shouted hyuh! at the top of our lungs.

Mike Will Made It Didn't Do Shit

For the second time in two days, we watched Mike Will Made It actually make no one in the crowd care about his performance. Only his homies were going nuts on stage. I also want to take this time to publically shame him for not appearing at a scheduled Peachfuzz party on Friday night. Anyway, more power to the Ear Drummers leader. He made a ton of money doing nothing this weekend. Must be nice. DJ Mustard wasn't scared to DJ his own set. Hey Mike, what gives?

The Price-Gouged Chicken Was Finger-Licking Murder

Who pays $12 for chicken wings? (I do.) They were seriously meaty and covered in sticky, face-wrecking sauce. We're glad there was food at all, but seriously, $10 is like, enough.

Kat Bein is a music writer based in Miami - @katsayskill