This story is over 5 years old.

Elton John Went to a Vancouver Record Store in Search of Tech N9ne Albums

This is the next step after appearing in that photo with Young Thug.

Sir Elton John and Canada have a loving, healthy relationship with each other, the former once building a multi-million dollar mansion in Ontario just because he found it so nice here. So, it's only natural that Elton would choose to indulge his music nerdery in the glorious city of Vancouver, B.C. at the Beat Street record shop. As the CBC reports, Elton was fiending for the technical stylings of Kansas City rap legend Tech N9ne, going so far as to ask management if they had any of his albums on hand.


Sadly, none of the eventual $200 that the Rocket Man spent at Beat Street went to multiple copies of Killer, as there were no Tech N9ne albums in stock. Elton ended up snagging stuff by 80s English pop group Scritti Politti instead, which might be an equally sweet choice because "Perfect Way" is an ageless song. Let's listen to it now while also mourning the fact that Elton was unable to continue his streak of imaginary rap collaborations he started with Young Thug. That, or satisfy his need to hear a ridiculous amount of syllables in a short amount of time.

Phil will mashup all three of these artists one day. He's on Twitter.