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Ten Things We Learned About Diplo From His Reddit AMA

He used to be a teacher in Philadelphia, he met 2 Chainz on Twitter, and he loves "anarchist stuff."
October 24, 2013, 12:25am

When it comes to EDM's new global empire, you can't not talk about Diplo. This is the guy who used to throw legendary illegal parties in a Philadelphia mausoleum, the guy who partnered with M.I.A. to create the greatest independent pop act of the 21st century, and the guy who currently helms both Major Lazer and Mad Decent. He's the guy who broke out of the underground to become one of Top 40 hip-hop's biggest producers. Then there are his (or his interns') insane marketing instincts—see #expressyourself, the world's biggest twerk wall, and the iconic look of Major Lazer's cartoon counterparts. Even with the busy schedule, the divisive DJ was nice enough to take a full hour today to do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit for his loving and devoted fanbase, who seem to have just about every question imaginable for their multi-faceted hero. Here are 10 things that we learned about Diplo over the last hour:


1.  Diplo Used To Be a Teacher?
It's hard to imagine that a guy who's inbox gets bombarded all day with pictures of twerking fans and is fond of retweeting half-naked selfies from groupies used to mold young minds in central Philly. Especially because his relationship with teachers has been an interesting one. Here he explains his choice to transition to the world of globe-trotting DJ superstar.

2. Diplo is The #64 DJ in The World, Apparently
Dips seems to have a nice attitude about his very questionable placement on the recently released DJ Mag Top 100 List as well as an interesting choice for his Halloween costume.

3. Diplo Doesn't Play Favorites… When it Comes To Ratchets
When asked about what city in the world has the most ratchet twerk-tastic ladies Diplo kept it close to home. Go team USA!

4. Diplo Says No to Drugs, But Only Sometimes
While he might seem like the everlasting life of the party he knows that as a world-class DJ you gotta be on your shit. Study drugs don't count though…

Seems like he had to learn his lesson on this one…

5. The Life of a DJ is Unpredictable 
Even as a world-renowned super producer, many of Diplo's famed creations still happen by chance.

And if you were wondering how Diplo really ended up linking up with 2 Chainz…

He also couldn't get by without a little help from his friends…

6. Diplo Doesn't Just Listen to EDM
He also loves Van The Man (who doesn't?)

7.  Diplo Hasn't Forgotten Those Who Have Helped Him Along the Way
Even though Switch may no longer be part of Major Lazer,  Diplo certianly keeps him in very high regard. Among others. Oh, and DJing actually has some rules….

  1. Diplo's Got Mad Love For the Doggfather
    Working with Snoop was quite the experience. Check out the documentary here.

9. Diplo Had a Blast at Burning Man
He also is all for anarchy. ¡Viva la Diplo!

10. If You Find Yourself at a Diplo Show There's Only One Rule…. DANCE!