Sean Leon Makes His Choice of Music File Formats Loud and Clear on "Charge It to the WAV"

Also, the song goes hard.
March 21, 2017, 4:07pm

Sean Leon seemingly has an endless supply of music coming out of his ears, so it only makes sense that he'd make a claim on what his favourite audio file format is between WAVs, MP3s, M4As, or even FLACs. "Charge It to the WAV" makes the choice clear, Sean prefers the industry standard that's exported from audio recording programs like Logic and Pro Tools. Still, even if the references are too deep (or don't exist at all and are a product of this writer's mind) the song's another slammer from the Toronto rap polymath, with a ripping, clattering Eestbound beat to match. Listen to "Charge It to the WAV" below.

Phil wonders what the audio format of this song is. He's on Twitter.