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If the Olympics Had a Streaking Category, This Guy Would Win Gold

The tutu-wearing man broke onto the PyeongChang ice Friday morning and put on a 10/10 performance.
February 23, 2018, 8:20pm

It's Winter Olympics time again, the glorious period every four years when the world's greatest athletes on ice and snow go head-to-head to prove they're the best sweeper or sledder or Bond henchman cosplayer or whatever. And Friday was no exception as PyeongChang audiences were treated to yet another gold-medal performance for an under-appreciated sport, albeit not one that's officially on the list—streaking.


On Friday morning, a mysterious man broke onto the ice after the Men's 1,000m Speed Skating medal ceremony, wearing nothing but a pink tutu and a monkey pouch over his crotch, TMZ reports. If that isn't Olympics-level streaking, I don't know what is.

Behold, the man in all his glory, as he pirouettes his way across the PyeongChang ice:


The guy appears to be middle-aged, judging by his flowing salt-and-pepper mane and dad bod paunch. He also seems to be a pretty chill dude since he opted to write "PEACE + LOVE" across his chest—the math equivalent of a shaka.


In a blurry video of his nearly nude venture, the guy appears to strip down right on the ice and then immediately take a pretty nasty fall. But like many Olympians before him, he doesn't let the brief tumble discourage him from the duty at hand. He just rises to the occasion and keeps on going.

According to TMZ, his routine only lasted a few minutes. From the look of the photos, some security guards escorted him away, though it's unclear whether he will face any charges for his moment of glory.

Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

Though the identity of the streaker is still unknown, he looks like the same dude who ran the track before Usain Bolt's final race at the IAFF World Championships last August. Back then, he was fully naked and sporting a summer-y shorts tan, though he still went with the same handwritten message across his bare chest, again attempting to spread his joyous message with the masses.

Nudity has low-key been a part of the Olympics since the Greeks, but nowhere in the annals of history has anyone taken the spectacle to such an extreme. Dance on, sweet streaker, and may the message written across your chest spread across our quickly-deteriorating world. We need it now more than ever.

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