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Watch AJ Tracey Talk About Why Young Voters Should Choose Labour

"It's a Corbyn ting. It's not a Tory ting."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Unless the earth is benevolently swallowed by the sun very soon, we're a week and a half away from the UK general election on Thursday 8 June. And after a surge in youth voter registration – which saw a quarter of a million under-25s in a last-minute surge by 22 May – the Labour party has its eyes on the prize.

Earlier on in the election campaign the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (who hasn't been universally loved by his party's MPs) was endorsed by a number of grime and UK rap MCs, and he later met up for a chat with JME about why young people should vote:


And JME apparently isn't the only musician to go in hard for Corbyn he's got all bases covered. He's previously been backed by Wolf Alice's Ellie Rowsell, and this weekend, he was interviewed by Creeper and Architects for the upcoming 7 June issue of Kerrang! magazine:

And now, AJ Tracey has done a spot of official endorsing. In a video that has appeared on the Labour Party's official social media channels, AJ takes a camera crew to his home in Ladbroke Grove, west London, to talk about what Labour can do for young voters, particularly with regards to owning homes:

He says, "The Labour Party strongly support the youth in following their dreams and giving people a chance […] See house prices round here? Obviously, I've grown up around here, and I can't afford to buy a house here, I don't know if I ever will be able to buy a house here. But with this Labour government I might have a chance […] Labour want to build more homes, more council houses and things like that. We need places to live."

As well as the housing crisis, AJ also talks about other issues like student debt and the NHS, before signing off with what should now actually be the new Labour campaign slogan: "It's a Corbyn ting. It's not a Tory ting."

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(Image via The Labour Party on Facebook)