Lil Yachty and Young Thug’s “On Me” Is Dreamy Nintendo-Trap

He's playing with bouncy ambient vibes again.
September 29, 2017, 1:40pm
Photo via Lil Yachty on Instagram

After sounding restless and unfocused on his debut LP, Teenage Emotions, Lil Yachty is having fun again. He's back to making dreamy, ambient pop-trap, bouncing his way through bars like they're video game clouds. It's not so much that the one-time King of the Teens and newly-self-appointed King of the Youth is just returning to his comfort zone; he's just jumping back to his Summer Songs aesthetic and seeing where he can take it.


There's no better illustration of this than "On Me," his new song with Young Thug, released this morning as part of an upcoming Quality Control mixtape. Thugger is versatile, sure, but he's in Yachty's world here, slurring over a beat that could have been borrowed from Super Mario. Yachty calls back to "Family Don't Matter," from Beautiful Thugger Girls, rapping, "Country Thomas might believe your promise"; he has dumb fun with lines like "Flyer than a eagle and a seagull and I'm on a jet."

Some of the lines here are also misogynistic as shit, which is annoying. Yachty was probably stoked when he got the boring "swallow/gobble" half-rhyme; the chorus is built around Young Thug saying that he keeps "hoes beneath my feet." Yachty goes in for this stuff as an automatic reflex and, at best, it's boring; at worst, it's a ruthless buzzkill.

At least there's a buzz here to kill. Listen to "On Me" below.

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