Don't Slide by Kauf's New Slapper "Let Slide"

The sinuous dance jam from the LA singer-producer's highly-anticipated debut is the soundtrack to the voices in your head.
October 6, 2017, 6:15pm

LA electronic favorite Kauf—the project of singer-producer Ronald Kaufman—is finally gearing up to release his highly-anticipated debut album Regrowth on October 13, and baby we are here for it. "Let Slide," premiering on Noisey below, is the final single before the record drops, and it embodies everything we've come to love about Kauf and his dynamic live shows: Sinuous rhythms, waxing, textured orchestration, and lush vocals that hint at something more sinister beneath the surface. It's the sweet spot between visceral and cerebral.


"It's basically about getting too comfortable as you get older and gain some success or self knowledge," Kaufman said of "Let Slide." "I feel like success in one area can sometimes lead to denial or procrastination in other areas, but the body/unconscious is always there to remind us if we're doing that. That's what the reference to sleep is about—"Sleep for once, you're gold." I've had some difficulty sleeping in the past, and I'm pretty sure it was because of other issues I wasn't addressing, causing massive anxiety."

Listen to the premiere of Kauf's "Let Slide" below (you can buy the single here), and don't miss his album release show at the Echo in LA on October 10.

Andrea Domanick is Noisey's West Coast Editor. Follow her on Twitter.