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Warren Wolfe's "Apathy" Video Explores The Artistic Beauty in Football

It's a visceral, flamboyant look into The Beautiful Game.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
Image taken from video

You know how it goes. Football (or soccer, if you're reading this in the States) traditionally exists in an overtly masculine environment. "I grew up deeply passionate about [the sport], but as a closeted adolescent I never truly felt comfortable," explains Warren Wolfe, whose new video "Apathy" is a beautiful piece of self-expression that subverts any notions you might have football.

That said, even through the eyes of the casual by-stander (me, the non-fan), football is a pretty sport. Watching Lionel Messi dribble across a football pitch isn't dissimilar to seeing an artist paint in real time. It's a beautiful art form in which each player has their own unique flair. Some are cantankerous rhinos (hiya Vinnie Jones); others are intricate. Here, in the video below, Warren Wolfe is flamboyant. Combined with the song, the resulting visual is rife with visceral emotion.

"Now that I am comfortable in my queerness and self-expression, I can fondly revisit soccer in the present day," he says of the video, which is directed by Ameer Kazmi. "In some sense, the video and song are attempts to channel a completely pure and unrestrained form of expression in life and art."

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