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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, November 2018

Welcome to Scorpio season!

The sun is illuminating the communication sector of your chart, finding you very busy having important conversations and making decisions at the start of this month. Scorpio is a very intense sign, and as such, the conversations you have will be deep, but it’s more than that: A wonderful and healing connection in your relationships arrives on November 6, as the sun connects with Neptune in your opposite sign, Pisces.


Also on November 6, Uranus reenters courageous fire sign Aries, sparking a need within you to clear yourself of the past. Unexpected emotions bubble to the surface, and an issue from last spring comes up for you to reconsider. The new moon in Scorpio arrives the next day, on November 7, wiping the slate clean around communication. Step back from whatever you have been over-analyzing—taking a nap or forgetting about it completely is likely to bring you the answers you need!

Jupiter, the planet of growth, enters Sagittarius on November 8, bringing big blessings to the home and family sector of your chart. This is the first time that Jupiter will be in Sagittarius since 2007, and between now and December 2, 2019, you can expect many exciting things to happen on the home front: you may be moving (considering Jupiter’s motto is bigger is better, maybe to a bigger space), or your family may be expanding in some way.

This is a busy month on the relationship front: Action planet Mars enters your opposite sign Pisces on November 15, igniting the relationship sector of your chart—expect plenty of movement to take place in your partnerships! Also this month, Neptune will shift directions, ending its retrograde on November 24 in Pisces, again shifting the energy in your relationships—deep, heart-to-heart connections are formed. However, this isn’t the month to make firm commitments or solid plans. Keep things loose—your ruling planet Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius starting on November 16, finding you contending with miscommunications and delays, as well as running into people from your past and managing issues in your home and with your family. That said, just because things are up in the air or Mercury retrograde brings frustrations, doesn’t mean that the connections you make with people will be less valuable—they will still be totally special! You'll just need to resist trying to organize your relationships the same way you organize the rest of your life.


Circle November 11 as a date to expect big passion, as the sun in sexy Scorpio will connect with Pluto, the planet of depth—a fantastic time for dirty talk, sharing secrets, or, on a different note, to create some art.

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Venus retrograde ends on November 16 (the same day Mercury retrograde begins!). This Venus retrograde has been an interesting time in your love life, as communication issues have proved challenging, yet you’ve also seen an interesting and valuable side to people that you didn’t see before—does it make you like them more? Maybe not, but either way, at least you know now! You have been feeling especially frustrated on the financial and self-esteem front during this Venus retrograde, but by the time it is over, you will be very clear about how you want things to move forward, and you've learned some valuable lessons about standing up for what you’re worth! As a Virgo, you love helping others, but you simply can’t do it to the detriment of yourself, your time, or your energy.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22 and illuminates the home and family sector of your chart. Sagittarius season is a wonderful time for you to energetically cleanse your home, gather with old friends and family, indulge in nostalgia, connect with your ancestors, and engage in your spiritual practice. The full moon in Gemini on November 23 will be major for your career, as a climax will take place and you'll find that you need to build a better balance between your private and public life. Themes like privacy and boundaries, popularity, and your reputation will be on your mind.

On November 26 and 27, the sun, your ruling planet Mercury, and Jupiter align, making for an especially exciting time at home—exciting news will come your way. Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in December!