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Forget About the Terrible World and Watch This Moose Fight

[Takes out a giant bullhorn] LOOKS LIKE THE MOOSE ARE ON THE LOOSE!
Photo via screenshot of Facebook video by Denis Levesque.

This week—much like the hell weeks before it and certainly like the hell weeks to come—was just awful.

There was the Kavanaugh stuff, Trump doing some dumb bullshit, the ever-climbing death toll from the Indonesian earthquake, an election in Quebec, and a whole bunch of other terrible, terrible things. That can be a lot to take in and, you know, it’s important to look after yourself and all that jazz so here’s a video of some moose fighting to relax you.


Fuck ya, bahd—these moose are most certainly on the loose.

The video was taken in New Brunswick because of course it was. The moose scrap (a rarely seen phenomenon) was filmed by one Denis Levesque, a forest worker in the northern part of the province. Levesque told the CBC that he and his friend Rene Legace were ripping down a gravel road in the woods when they spotted the incident. The moose fought for about ten minutes in front of the pair before calling it a draw and skedaddling into the woods.

"It was just incredible," Levesque told the CBC. ”I had goosebumps on my back. I've never seen something like that, and I'm always in the woods."

Because we all love a good moose fighting clip, the video quickly started blowing up shortly after Levesque uploaded it. It was initially uploaded on Tuesday and since then has been seen over 500,000 times and shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook.

Now, I understand that not all of us have our priorities straight and some of you out there can’t just find ten minutes to watch these two moose go at it. Well, because I like you, my dear reader, I’ve decided to showcase some of the best parts for you below. So, if you can, I want you to go get yourself some Pilsner (Vitamin P as we call it where I’m from), toss on some Corb Lund and come with me as we watch these moose scrap.

The very start of the video—the kickoff! Look at these two bad boys go! They slam their heads together and push into each other with all their strength. Heck ya. Levesque said he thought their tussle might be over a cow, but who knows, one might have just said some shit to the other at the wrong time. Nevertheless, they’re going at it! The one on the left—I’m going to call him Bruce—definitely wins this segment.


The two boys, Bruce and Jim (that’s the name of Bruce’s opponent), are doing that thing you see in all fights. You know the one, it’s when the two scrappers are staring at each other and just kind of menacing at their nemesis. You can almost hear Jim and Bruce saying shit (with perfect hoser inflection of course) like “hit me bahd, do it, fucking do it” or “whadda-ya-gonna-do, huh?”

Here the boys realize people are watching their scrap and get a little self-conscious. They’re tired but now they have an audience and need to keep going or risk being seen as cowards. Jim, the smaller but leaner of the two, decides this is his time and launches at Bruce. Good strategy, Jim! Get him while he’s tired!

Here is the when the fight reaches its crescendo, the boys dig deep and go hard to the gravel. They scrap so hard they end up in the ditch. It’s hard to leave this thinking anything other than the fact Bruce won, 'cause Jim’s on his knees at the end. Jim shouldn’t feel too, too bad though, while yes, he’s brought to his knees by Bruce, he gets some sick style points here for his little spin into a counter.

Good scrap boys! Good scrap! Take a breather in the woods and when you come back we’ll have some Pilsners waiting for you.

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