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This Guy Shot a Bow and Arrow at Some Tradies Because They Parked Him In

With a beer in one hand and a hunting bow in the other, this disgruntled Sydneysider took matters into his own hands.
October 5, 2018, 3:40am
Image via Nine News

Getting parked in sucks. It’s very stressful. It boils the blood. But what can you do about it, really? Do you make a scene? Key a car? Leave a strongly-worded note under the window-wiper? Or do you arm yourself with a high-powered hunting bow and start firing arrows at the people who have inconvenienced you?

If you’re this one shirtless guy in Sydney, then yes: bow and arrow. You get the bow and arrow, and you make them pay.


It was around lunchtime yesterday when this disgruntled Coogee resident—naked from the waist-up, but wearing sneakers and jeans from the waist-down like any self-respecting parking narc—unleashed his wrath on a crew of unsuspecting construction workers. He was none too pleased with the fact that a fence and mobile crane had been erected around his vehicle, Nine News reported, and evidently wanted to let his wrongdoers know about it.

The altercation started with your run-of-the-mill verbal abuse, and ended with the 47-year-old going full Rambo First Blood on the tradies. Crossing the street with a beer in one hand and a compound bow in the other, the man began firing off arrows, laughing maniacally, while his adversaries took shelter.

Turning his attention toward the crane, the vigilante then loaded up an arrow and fired it against the side of the vehicle, News Corp reported. “If I shot it ten times it might go through,” he told the crane driver. “I’ll get a new one, alright?”

The man was eventually arrested in a nearby front yard and subsequently taken to Maroubra Police Station, where he is assisting authorities with their inquiries. Police seized his bow, and after executing a search warrant at his home retrieved a number of arrows along with hydroponics equipment, steroids, cannabis and cannabis resin.

They’re now urging any witnesses with more information—mainly footage—to come forward. Investigations are continuing.