WATCH: A Mysterious Short Film By Glenn Kitson and Wavey Garms

The online premiere of 'The Long Grass'.

Fashion films have come a long way. Watch the new short film from filmmaker Glenn Kitson, of The Rig Out, and re-sale dons Wavey Garms, and you'd think you were viewing a moody drama building to a gruesome twist – which, in fairness, you are. Only, everyone in it is also wearing banging jackets and shoes, showcasing some of the garms Wavey Garms have to offer.

The idea came about after "a chance encounter between me and [Wavey Garms founder] Andres [Branco]," says Glenn. "He asked me what I do, I told him I make films and he said he had an idea. A week later, he had a script for me, fully formatted."


Most of the casting came via Andres, says Glenn. "Sephton Henry – who plays Tyrell – is a former gang member who now works as part of a government scheme helping gang members leave their gangs." David Leon, who plays Josh, is a director and has appeared on TV and in films. Sean Brookes, who plays Patrick, is a well-respected graffiti writer who goes by the name Kistra.

"Diabolical Dubstars are London's biggest and most rated graff gangs, and have been running since the 80s – there are less ten members; it's very hard to get in," says Andres. "And Kist is the youngest member, down to his unique style and generally being a London badman."

And for anyone wondering, the track that plays out over the film is by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, a Filipino dub outfit based in Toronto.

Anyway, that's enough information for now – watch and enjoy the film below.

Wavey Garms / The Rig Out