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10 Infuriating GIFs Foreshadow a World Without Net Neutrality

Without your help, the entire internet will be as frustrating as this article.
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Sites across the web today devote their digital real estate to protecting net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission regulations that ensure every website can be accessed at equal speed and convenience. If you've visited Reddit, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Netflix, you may have read that these Obama-era regulations preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from charging extra for faster web connections are in danger, thanks, in part, to FCC chief Ajit Pai. The principle behind these regulations is that the internet, like water and electricity, is a utility that everyone should have equal access to. Without the internet, it's nearly impossible to participate in modern society.


So, for a glimpse into the future of a net without neutrality, we've gathered 10 infuriating loading screen GIFs from artists like Alex Apostolides and Nikita Liskov. Spoiler: they never end. For more details on how net neutrality works and the specific threat facing it today, click here. But to feel the pain of a future without it, simply scroll on down.

Nikita Liskov

Alex Apostolides

Ramone Henry

Killed Fox


Misha Petrick

Angular Geometry

Mining Mule


Yasutoki Kariya

To learn how you can help protect net neutrality, click here, and if you're a frustration-loving masochist, see more loading screen GIFs on GIPHY.


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