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Kelela's "LMK" Is Avant-Pop-R&B Turned Up to 100 Degrees

It's the first single from her upcoming debut album 'Take Me Apart.'
Imagen vía Twitter

Sceneless R&B auteur Kelela has been absent (asides from showing up on the new Gorillaz album) since releasing her great Hallucinogen EP back in 2015. She's releasing her official debut album Take Me Apart on October 6, and after revealing the cover art this week, she had Zane Lowe premiere the leadoff single, "LMK," on his Beats 1 radio show.

Much like Kelela's past work, the song sounds like ultramodern R&B that's been melted down like candle wax then atmospherically strobe-lit. It doesn't really resemble a lot else out there. Kelela sings about restlessness and romance, all in the context of some neverending club night. You can groove mightily to "LMK" below.