Lady Leshurr Is As Fly As Always on "Queen's Speech 7"

It's another instalment in her now-iconic freestyle series.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

As a person from Birmingham, it's nice to have some cultural representation that isn't either Ozzy Osbourne yelling at the sea (though this is both good and accurate) or our accent winning a Most Boring and/or Stupidest Sounding Accent survey for the 50th year in a row. So whenever Lady Leshurr, the rapper hailing from my fair(-ish) city's Kingshurst area, pops up with more irresistible rhymes, it always brings a smug smile to my chops—and there's nothing more iconically Leshurr than her "Queen's Speech" freestyle series.


Today she's dropped "Queen's Speech 7," her first in the series this year, and it picks exactly where she left off in October 2016. Playful and snappy, always inventive, she goes from the silly (swipes at Kylie Jenner, for example) to the serious ("Who stood up when Grenfell? / Where's all the money we raised then? / Theresa May is a wasteman") with a Big Shaq nod thrown in. As always, her punchlines are genuinely funny, and what's especially great about the series is that every time, Leshurr gets a little sharper and a little more polished.

Her progress since 2015's popular "Queen's Speech 4" has been massive. Her performance style compared to "Queen's Speech 5" is much improved, and though "Queen's Speech 6" gained praise in its own right (that Supergirl costume was pretty ubiquitous for a time), the rapper we're looking at in this new edition of the series is freed of any gimmicks (at this point her onscreen animations are more of a trademark), making the most of more UKG-influenced tones of voice and is pretty much on track for domination in 2018.

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