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The Fight for the Muslim Vote: The British Election

VICE News explores the different issues that British Muslims are facing in the run up to the UK General Election.

Ahead of the UK general election on May 7, VICE News explores voter apathy within the British Muslim community and finds out if issues such as the country's counterterrorism policy and Islamophobia are pushing young Muslims into disenfranchisement.

In the 2010 general election, a lower percentage of British Muslims voted than any other religious group. Despite being the fastest growing religion in the UK and boasting more young adherents than any other religion, it appears young Muslims are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the government.

VICE News speaks to Islamists who are rejecting voting and British society, those trying to get Muslims to vote, and those trying to win those votes. We meet with young Muslims to hear their opinions on the election and explore what influences them at a time when they are facing numerous challenges.

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