Man With HIV Donated Blood After Lying About Sexual History

He first denied ever having sex, but later admitted to having sex with strangers.
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Donating blood is an act of kindness. Getting yourself checked for sexually transmitted infections is as well, as it stops you from spreading diseases to others. One man in Singapore didn’t make that connection, however, when he donated his HIV-positive blood. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to jail for lying about his sexual history.

The 35-year-old man, whose identity is currently protected under a gag order, lied in a questionnaire about his sexual history, which was required before he could donate blood on Sept. 30, 2017. For this, he has been sentenced to four months in jail and a fine of SG$10,000 ($7,200) under the Infectious Diseases Act, CNA reported.


One of the questions was: “Male donor: Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another male?" He answered “no.” Another question asked if he has engaged in sexual activities with anyone he knew for less than six months, to which he said “no” as well. A medical screener even interviewed the man after he completed the questionnaire to inform him that he could be prosecuted for false and misleading answers.

When he was found to be HIV-positive, the man was interviewed by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

"During the interview, the (man) claimed that he had never had sexual intercourse before and insisted that he did not participate in any risk activities," Jason Lee, a legal assistant director at the MOH told CNA.

However, the man later admitted to an MOH officer that he had sex in public with a man he didn’t know in June 2017. He also said he engaged in sexual activities with strangers he met in the Philippines.

The man had donated blood five times before without complications. Only on his sixth donation at Bloodbank@HSA, was he found to be HIV-positive.

A spokesperson for the HSA told CNA that the man’s previous donations were not contaminated with HIV, and that the blood from the sixth donation was “immediately isolated and destroyed.” They said that “none of the donated blood was transfused to patients."

In 2015, a similar case happened in Singapore, where a casino worker lied about his sexual history and donated blood with HIV. He received three months in jail and was fined SG$10,000 ($7,200).

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