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Your Astrological Guide to This Year's Cuffing Season

This winter's astrological weather is intense—find out how it'll impact your love life!
November 1, 2019, 3:12pm

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Cuffing season may have been cancelled last winter, but it’s back in full force this year thanks to some intense astrological weather.

As the temperature drops, cute and flirty Libra season transitions into intense Scorpio season, and the shift in mood leaves us feeling a little lonely, craving attachment and a chance to get to know each other with the lights off.

Like regular seasons, astrological seasons have a different flavor each year. While last year’s Venus retrograde had us rethinking love and prioritizing independence, this year is so emotionally intense that we can't help but crave intimacy that borders on clinginess. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from October 31 to November 20 digs up secrets, and we might even reunite with an ex. Then, eclipses in December and January dredge up intense feelings about our pasts and February brings another wacky and emotional Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

How will this fare for your cuffing season? Read your horoscope below to find out:


You’re stepping into an exciting leadership role this winter, and you need partners who will give you space to do emotional work. Still, intimacy is a major theme for you at this time and you want someone who can keep up with and appreciate your popularity, cheering you on as you shine in the spotlight. You’re craving someone you can connect with on a deep level, physically and emotionally—but you also tend to speed through things, so do your best to slow down so the depth you seek reveals itself.


Cuffing season is off to a wacky start thanks to Mercury retrograde—you and your partners will have some confusing back-and-forth, but thankfully things clear up by the holidays. This winter, you’re letting go of old patterns of expressing yourself and discovering new sources of inspiration, and you’ll only be excited about a partner if they’re excited about the world, You’re beginning a new journey and changing your world view, and it’s important that a partner will support you in your goals. If you find yourself single at the end of cuffing season, sift through your old DMs or Tinder matches and consider rekindling a connection. You may also find your dream date in a friend of a friend—shoot your shot!


Cuffing season starts as a bit of a mess as your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, but by the time the holidays roll around, you’re ready to plan some cute dates! Intimacy takes on a new meaning for you this winter, and you’re rethinking how you approach self-esteem and security. You’ve learned valuable lessons about give-and-take in relationships, and may spend time ending and mourning a situation—but an exciting new journey is on the horizon, and you want a partner as intellectual and adventurous as you are!


Cuffing season begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and you’re running into cuties from your past, bringing you a new perspective. By the time the holidays roll around and Mercury ends its retrograde, you’re letting go of old patterns that have been limiting you and engaging in new (or renewed!) partnerships. You are stepping into your power as you begin this journey, reflecting on how much you’ve learned about compromise and commitment in the last few years. By February, you’re ready to start anew in your intimate relationships.


You’re in a domestic and nostalgic mood this cuffing season, so your partners better buckle up for several hours of looking through old photos with you! You’re letting go of old patterns this winter and crave someone who can support you as you implement new routines and do your best to be productive and responsible. By the end of cuffing season, you’re reflecting on whether your partnership is ready for the next step, and whether your partner is someone who can reciprocate your generosity. Once you get your schedule locked down and spring is on the horizon, you’re ready to enter new commitments and strengthen existing bonds.


Cuffing season kicks off with you and your partners having deep discussions about intimacy, Your social circle transforms this winter, as you get a renewed sense of creative inspiration, it’s important to you to be with a partner who helps you make space for play and laughter. By the end of cuffing season, you’re eager to commit to a new routine and to partners who are just as reliable as they are fun. You may be wondering what they think of you and how you feel about the relationship, and though this might be confusing, it’s on the way to being organized—just how you like it!


Cuffing season is a tough time for you, Libra—financial hassles abound during Mercury retrograde and you might be moving, renovating, or otherwise bringing new energy to your living space. This means that you’ll crave a partner who has their money in order and is willing to get domestic with you at home, baking pies and hanging artwork. By the end of cuffing season, you’re ready to party and indulge in your artistic pursuits, and any partner who stands between you and a good time will need to step aside!


This cuffing season you’re getting things off your chest, so send that risky text! Be sexually vulnerable and muster up the courage to say what’s on your mind. You are a sign that is not afraid to take it there, so why not go for it? Outdated modes of thinking are being cleared out this cuffing season, so go for what you think is sexy—especially if it hasn’t been done before! You become very clear on your desire for a partner who’ll call when they say they will, is a good listener (and talker!), and who’s willing to explore domesticity with you, whether that means living or cooking with each other. A stable relationship and ample personal space are not mutually exclusive!


You’re exhausted at the start of cuffing season and want a cutie who’ll take naps with you and give you personal space. As you move through some big changes, you appreciate lovers that shower you with gifts—this is not the time to be afraid to ask for what you want! If you were considering moving in with a partner, expect some changes and delays—or potential upgrades—during February’s Mercury retrograde.


A powerful transformation is taking place within you, and you may feel like you’re being broken and reborn this cuffing season, my sea-goat. Bask in the power you have over your personal life; you’ve learned so much about your boundaries and now you have to be wiser about the way you expend yourself. You may be letting go of past partners as you step into a new journey. You won’t settle for anything less than a partner who’s a dependable and important part of your life.


Your cuffing season is actually all about you, Aquarius! You’re thinking about your career goals and reputation, and won’t be distracted unless it’s for a partner who makes you feel like you’re a power couple both in the spotlight and at home. As you break bad habits and get comfortable in a new routine, you feel good about the emotional work you’ve done over the years and ready to seek a peaceful life of contentment at home. You’re starting a new phase in your commitments to your partnerships and to yourself.


You’re rethinking your long-held beliefs at the start of cuffing season, and crave partners who can get philosophical. Major drama takes place in your social life around the holidays, and you may consider dropping your cuffing season partner. However, if your relationship can stand this test and your partner understands your need for privacy, it may be for the long haul! If you feel indecisive about commitment, remember that it’s OK to wait until you know for sure.

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