Monthly Horoscope: Libra, September 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Libra, September 2018

Your birthday is almost here!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
August 30, 2018, 8:31pm

The summer of retrogrades and eclipses has ended, and September brings a nice break in cosmically stressful occurrences…you may finally find the equilibrium you've been searching for! (Plus, your solar return is around the corner!) That's not to say we're done with retrogrades for the year, Libra—you’ve got plenty of work to do, since your ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde this autumn from October 5 to November 16. And as Venus enters its retrograde shadow on September 3, you'll be getting major clues as to what this autumn's retrograde themes will be for you: your desires, money, and sense of self-worth. September 3 is also a nice day for Venus, as it will make a harmonious connection with chatty Mercury, creating an affectionate and easy vibe! It’s a fantastic time to spend with friends.


Communication planet Mercury enters practical earth sign Virgo on September 5, which will find you feeling more quiet and shy than usual—however, this is a phenomenal time to get back in touch with your inner voice and intuition. Try to catch up on sleep, Libra, so you can keep your mind clear and alert. Mercury in Virgo will activate a very private sector of your chart, so expect some secrets to be shared! Exciting and reassuring news arrives on September 7, when Mercury connects with both Uranus and Saturn—but again, you'll need to make sure you're rested and grounded, since the Sun will oppose Neptune on this day and find us in a fog. Don't let your imagination run wild on this day—we're not sure what direction to go in, so hold off on any big decisions for now!

Your ruling planet, Venus, clashes with warrior Mars on September 8, creating a bright and passionate atmosphere! There will be tension in the air, and though that might manifest as stress, it will more than likely be the kind of tension that keeps you on your toes in a good way, inspiring you to do something fantastic and true to your heart—like making a move on your crush! But—and I can't stress this enough—you must make sure you're well-rested and not overbooking yourself. Take it easy during the first part of this month, and especially during the new moon in Virgo on September 9. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on quality time with yourself: journal, meditate, and spend time in nature…when was the last time you took a walk in the woods? This new moon in Virgo is begging you to do just that!


Venus enters intuitive and creative water sign Scorpio on September 9, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart, and on an emotional level, reminding you how much you’re worth! Again, Venus retrograde is coming soon, so take note of what happens this month concerning themes like love, money, and value, since these themes will linger on through the retrograde. The energy continues to shift on September 10, when action planet Mars reenters fellow air sign Aquarius. After its long retrograde this summer, Mars is now revving up action in your love life and in your creative endeavors, pushing forward things that may have stalled in the summer.

One of the most exciting days this month is September 12, when Jupiter and Pluto connect, and Venus opposes Uranus and mingles with Saturn—it's a busy day, Libra! You may be feeling zapped, since Venus opposite electric Uranus brings surprises, erratic behavior, and eccentric people into your life—it's a lot to take in. An unexpected turn is sure to come, and figuring out how this unusual new piece will fit into the ret of your life might be a challenge. You might not feel like you "fit in" either, which is always stressful when you're doing your best to be diplomatic and kind. An unusual compromise may be reached…but Saturn also creates a grounding energy in the air, helping you feel anchored instead of homesick or out of your element. Fantastic discoveries and resources will also become available to you on this day, thanks to the help of lucky Jupiter and the lord of the underworld, Pluto. Pluto might be the planet of death, but it also symbolizes rebirth—and brings some exciting secret treasures to share with you.


Hold off on making important decisions on September 13, when communication planet Mercury opposes Neptune, the planet of fog, illusions, and delusions. Our minds are much sharper on September 15, when Mercury connects with Pluto, the lord of the underworld; seeing beneath the surface and straight through the bullshit will come easily! Watch out for exaggerations when Mercury connects with Jupiter on September 16, but do enjoy the optimistic and pleasant attitude in the air!

On September 18, fiery Mars squares off with electric Uranus—an issue you thought wasn't a big deal may blow up in your face, but it's nothing you haven't seen before (think back to August 1!). It's time to make some big changes—and to cut off relationships or creative projects that simply aren't working. Watch out for hot tempers and impulsive behavior. All that said, the energy on September 18 might manifest as a pleasant surprise, like a passionate move made to declare an interest in you romantically, sexually, or creatively.

Mercury enters your sign, Libra, on September 21, finding you in a much more social and chatty mood than you've been in lately—the shyness of Virgo season is fading out and you’re ready to drift down a staircase like a belle of the ball as the autumnal equinox arrives on September 22. Your birthday season is here, and you’re ready to show off!

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Mercury squares off with Saturn on September 23, which will bring a sour mood and some difficult conversations. If you need a favor done, Libra—I don’t care how charming everyone thinks you are—this is not the time to ask for it. Saturn is a grouch and when it’s in a bad angle with Mercury, Saturn gets annoyed. Watch out for disagreements at home and with family. That said, Mercury will also connect with Mars, so if there’s anything truly important you have to communicate, you'll find the confidence to ask for what you need. This is also a great chance to get work done; you may as well finish up some paperwork since no one is in the mood to chat.

The full moon in Aries arrives on September 24, bringing a huge climax to a situation that’s been building up between you and a partner. This full moon will raise passionate emotions in your romantic relationships, but even issues you’re having with enemies will come to a head! It could be time to cut a few people off—Aries is the sign of independence, and it’s time to claim yours! During this full moon, make a commitment to yourself that you'll only partner with people who love you for you, and who won't try to change you or your boundaries.

Boundaries, responsibility, and discipline are huge themes on September 25, when the Sun and Saturn square off. Passionate energy flows as the Sun and warrior Mars connect on September 27—circle this date for hot sex and a creative breakthrough! The month wraps up with Pluto ending its retrograde on September 30—things are shifting in your home and family life…it’s time to clear out emotional baggage concerning these themes, Libra! This is a fantastic time to do some energetic cleansing in your home, too. Good luck this month, and see you in October!