Lor Choc Brought the Whole Neighborhood Out For Her "Score" Video

The Baltimore singer gives a proper summertime vibe to her newest single.
July 27, 2018, 6:00pm

Earlier this month we premiered "Score," the latest single from 20-year-old Baltimore rapper and singer, Lor Choc. Like much of her work, the song takes a long and hard look at the people in her life as she questions whether or not those people genuinely want the best for her. It's another notch on Choc's belt to showcase her gift of making even the most discouraging subject matter feel cheery.

Today, Choc released a video for the song which shows her and friends dancing in front of West Baltimore stoops. Its a quintessential Baltimore summer day: hanging in friends' cars, watching children play in the neighborhood park, and sitting in on some pick up basketball (an obvious pun for the song title). Watch the video above.

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