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Watch Alex Ovechkin Do More Keg Stands with the Stanley Cup in Russia

The Washington Capitals star continued his epic celebrations in Moscow, where he filled up the Cup with booze and caviar, and took it to a World Cup fan fest.
Screen captures via Nastya Shubskaya/Washington Post Instagram

Remember once upon a time when the Capitals won their first championship and proceeded to go on an epic, much-publicized, GOAT of a Stanley Cup bender with Alex Ovechkin, in particular, at the centre of the party that stretched from Vegas to Washington over a solid, alcohol-fueled week?

Yeah, that shit was like a month ago, but don't get the false impression that the shenanigans are anywhere near over yet, especially when No. 8 still had his day with the Cup, in Russia, around a boat load of his vodka-loving countrymen, while the nation is hosting the World Cup and its soccer team was still in the tournament after an unexpected run to the quarterfinal.


There was no better time for Ovi to bring the hardware back to Moscow. It's been 13 years since Ovechkin left his native Russia to pursue an NHL career with the Capitals, and the party he threw down in his home country with the Cup over the weekend was about as Ovechkin as you can get.

It all started with him waking up beside his mistress again, this time at his family's childhood home on his old bed.

The FIFA World Cup fan fest was naturally Ovi's first stop with the large silver dish, where boatloads of people lined up for photos with No. 8 and his buddy Stan.

Moscow's famous Red Square got a surprise visit, too.

Oh yeah, there were a couple of his Russian teammates on hand to soak up the party, too. Caviar, anyone?

Cup keg stands have become a staple of the Caps bender tour so, of course, that did not change at all in Russia.

Naturally, someone gifted Ovechkin a painting.

He was also presented a giant Ovi cake. Because why the fuck not.

Nicklas Backstrom wasn't there with him in the flesh, but Ovechkin made sure to show his boy some respect.

Of course, Ovi didn't forget about the kids.

Or where it all started.

With defenceman Michal Kempny due for his 24 hours with the trophy next, Ovechkin signed off the only way a slightly-buzzed, newly-minted Stanley Cup champion could.

The only thing better than Ovechkin crushing the narrative and sealing the first Cup of his career is the absolute carnage of a bender that followed. For everyone's sake, let's hope we someday get to find out what debauchery Cup celebration No. 2 will bring.