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Jurors in Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Trial Are Stuck in Deadlock

The judge has urged them to keep trying, but a mistrial seems like an increasingly plausible outcome.
June 15, 2017, 5:00pm
Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage

After roughly 30 hours of deliberation, the jurors deciding the Bill Cosby sexual assault case announced Thursday that they were deadlocked, according to NBC News.

The seven men and five women are tasked with deciding whether or not the 79-year-old celebrity drugged and molested a basketball coach at his home in 2004. According to CNN, they've asked Judge Steven O'Neill a host of questions, including what the definition of "without her knowledge" is. O'Neill said Wednesday he would not clarify the phrase, which has been included on the charges against the comedian.

"We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of these counts," the jurors wrote in a note to O'Neill, which was sent out at 11:06 AM.

Although the high-profile trial itself was remarkably short, the amount of time spent in deliberations has been eerily long in comparison.

The plaintiff in the case is Andrea Constand, who spent seven hours on the stand testifying about her alleged encounter with Cosby, which he maintains was consensual. In many ways, she's the proxy for the scores of women who have come forward saying Cosby had sex with them while they were unconscious, as she's the only alleged victim who filed criminal charges before her statute of limitations had expired.

O'Neill has urged the jurors to keep trying to reach a verdict, though a mistrial seems increasingly likely. If the jury can't reach a decision, a new trial could take place with a completely new jury, a plea deal could be offered to Cosby, or prosecutors could decide to just give up.

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