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LEGO of Your Winter Blues on a Thrilling Sandcastle Roller Coaster


Can't make it to Orlando for summer break? Some unofficial Imagineers made a sandcastle with a built-in LEGO rollercoaster, and watching this video is the next best thing to a real theme park possible with sand and bricks. The coaster is a seaside engineering pièce de résistance, including an underground tunnel, a bridge, and seashell graveyard. A redditor estimated it required over $350 worth of track—this isn't your everyday sandcastle.


The design comes from 5MadMovieMakers, who have carved out a YouTube niche making popular marble runs, Hot Wheels tracks, and LEGO roller coasters. According to the video description, the castle required a team of 7+ helpers, designing each part of the track and keeping life guard dune buggies at bay. Check out the video below to see the LEGO roller coaster in action.

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