Photos from the Ground at the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

I watched the world's most powerful rocket fly into space.
Image: Daniel Oberhaus

Motherboard staff writer Daniel Oberhaus was at Cape Canaveral today for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy test flight. He's been sending us back photos from the scene of the long-awaited maiden voyage of the world's most powerful rocket. His full report is available here, but for now, check out what's been happening on the ground.

The Falcon Heavy on the launch pad the day before the launch. Image: Daniel Oberhaus

The Falcon Heavy has 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. That's equivalent to 18 Boeing 747s with their engines at full throttle. Image: Daniel Oberhaus

Elon Musk at a post-launch press conference.

The Falcon Heavy the day before the launch. It is 230 feet tall.

Tim Dodd, better known as the Everyday Astronaut, poses for a picture. Image: Daniel Oberhaus

The Falcon Heavy had a total 27 Merlin engines.

Reporters are let on to the launch pad one day before the launch to set up their sound-triggered cameras.