The First Broadly Astrology Conference: Everything You Need to Know

The Broadly Astrology Conference is a day of lectures and to expand your understanding of astrology and connect with others who are passionate about what's going on in the stars and how that impacts our daily lives.
November 27, 2018, 5:57pm

Between Instagram story horoscopes and Twitter astro memes, it can start to feel like astrology was made by the Internet, for the Internet. But so much of my own personal journey to becoming an astrologer—and continuing to learn from and connect with the greater astrological community—has taken place offline, at dinners, meet-ups, and conferences. So, here at Broadly we’ve decided to leave the virtual world for a moment and bring our love for astrology back to the physical plane.

When and Where

On December 8, 2018 at Villain in Williamsburg, Brooklyn we’re hosting the first Broadly Astrology Conference, featuring lectures by some of our favorite astrologers, as well as a lunch and an open bar happy hour with cosmic cocktails by Aliza Kelly Faragher.

You can purchase tickets here.

What to Expect

Opening the conference is Anne Ortelee, one of my first astrology teachers from way back in the day, and likely, one of your first contacts with astrology, too, thanks to her well known Twitter account that tweets the planetary aspects as they take place, and her popular weekly podcast, Anne Ortelee’s Weekly Weather. Ortelee will discuss the upcoming planetary transits for 2019, including what we can expect both politically and personally.

Flying from California is a person I’m sure you’re familiar with: Jessica Lanyadoo! I first met Lanyadoo in a pool at a hotel during an astrology conference many years ago. This is why in-person astrology events are so important! While this conference may not include a pool, there will still be many opportunities to meet your future bestie here, too. Lanyadoo will be speaking about intimacy in the birth chart, and get excited: Her book on Intimacy and astrology will be published next year.


Have you read any of Broadly’s hilarious astrology drags or dating guides? They’re written by Danny Larkin, one of the most hilarious and talented astrologers I know, and the president of the Association of Young Astrologers. Larkin will be speaking on crystals, gemstones, and the birth chart—yes, your birth chart has plenty to say about the minerals you should be working with! If your crystal collection is taking over your apartment, you won’t want to miss this one.

Janelle Belgrave will be speaking on nodes and eclipses. The moon’s nodes—north and south—symbolize where we are heading in life and what we are leaving behind, while the eclipses are new and full moons that find us at critical points on our journey. Belgrave is an astrologer and an acupuncturist; which means, she’s a healer—something we all sorely need when an eclipse comes along with a crisis!

Alice Sparkly Kat will be speaking on an advanced topic: Chart relocation. Did you know that when you move, your birth chart does, too? When I first started writing horoscopes, even Mercury retrograde needed explaining, but now all our Broadly readers have leveled up! Alice Sparkly Kat’s talk on chart relocation for diasporic people is sure to expand your mind.

Finally, one of the funniest astrologers I know, Lauren McBride, will talk about synastry, an astrological technique used to determine love compatibility—something everyone wants to know about! Why else would there be so many “When you get their birth time” memes?

Curating the line-up for this conference was my absolute pleasure and I’m so excited for everyone to come together, learn about these fascinating topics in astrology, meet new people in the astrology community, and leave with a fun, cosmic gift bag. Don't forget to purchase your ticket here. See you there!