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Bad Bunny Lays Claim to Christmas, Releases Debut Album 'X100PRE'

Drake and Diplo both feature on the Puerto Rican rapper's first LP.
Bad Bunny Releases New Album X100PRE on Christmas Eve

Bad Bunny has arrived at your house, kicked your stockings off the wall, overturned your Christmas tree, torn through your presents, declared that they all suck, and replaced them with his debut album, X100PRE. The 15-track album came out in the early hours of Christmas Eve at just a few hours' notice.

The release caps off an incredible year for the Puerto Rican rapper, who's racked up a string of gargantuan hits and fully established himself as a star. "I feel like right now I’m at the best moment of my career," he said on Beats 1 last night. "I have always wanted to release an album but I never had the opportunity, I never had the support. But now I feel completely free as an artist and as a person. I feel really comfortable, I feel good about making an album and showing people something different."

Listen to the record in full below. Diplo features on "200 MPH," El Alfa guests on "La Romana," and the still-viral Drake collaboration "Mia" closes the album out.

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