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A Mystery Genius is Riding a Bike Around Wellington Inside a Box

Are portable cardboard shelters the hack all Wellingtonians need to survive the city's weather?
November 27, 2018, 11:06pm
Wellington carboard box cyclist

A mystery Wellington cyclist, clearly not a fan of the rain, has been spotted riding around town inside a cardboard box. The weather-conscious commuter has customised the shelter with holes for his arms and eyes, including windows for peripheral vision. Safety first, obviously.

Thankfully, those passing by couldn’t resist documenting this brave innovator’s journey and sharing it with the rest of us. Videos posted on the Facebook page Vic Deals have quickly gained thousands of views and comments applauding the innovation. It’s probably one of the few cycling stories on which everyone agrees.

The incognito cyclist is a vision of Kiwi ingenuity at its finest. Not only will they arrive at their destination bone-dry, but the creative weather-wear is also extremely effective at turning heads. Forget your high-vis vest, nothing makes a cyclist more visible among a sea of territorial and angry SUV drivers than stuffing yourself into the cardboard sheath your new flat-screen arrived in.