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This Extremely Pure Trailer for 'LEGO Movie 2' Is Here to Heal Your Ailing Soul

Featuring tiny plastic versions of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Alison Brie.

It seems like a fundamental fact of life: Movies based on toys are shameless cash-grabs and should be avoided at all costs. G.I. Joe was brain-bleedingly bad, Battleship was trash, and the Bratz film was somehow an even worse abomination than the dolls themselves. But then, miraculously, The LEGO Movie came along and blew everybody's goddamn minds. Somehow, Phil Lord and Chris Miller's film about the plastic bricks your nerdy cousin wouldn't shut up about inspired a funny, poignant meditation on innocence, imagination, and, weirdly enough, parenting. Plus, there were some catchy-ass tunes.


Now, four years after The LEGO Movie kickstarted a not-so-surprisingly solid LEGO cinematic universe, Lord and Miller are coming back with a proper sequel—and from the look of Tuesday's new trailer, this one is going to slap just as hard as the first one.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which picks up a few years after the events of the original, opens in a Mad Max-style desert dystopia that must've required a mind-boggling number of tan bricks for Finn to build. Any kid who spends most of his time playing with LEGOs is probably too young to watch futuristic mutants huff paint and suck down mother's milk in Fury Road, but, you know, whatever. The whole trailer is too brutally enduring for you to care about that.

"It’s been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: LEGO DUPLO® invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild," the film's synopsis reads. "The battle to defeat them and restore harmony to the LEGO universe will take Emmet, Lucy, Batman, and their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds, including a strange galaxy where everything is a musical."

The Second Part is again directed by Lord and Miller, based on a script by the duo and a team of writers, including BoJack Horseman's Raphael Bob-Waksberg, which is pretty goddamn exciting. Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, and Alison Brie will be reprising their roles from the first film, along with a cast of new faces, including Tiffany Haddish.

The movie is set to hit theaters on February 9. Until then, give the trailer a watch above and let the overwhelming charm of the whole thing soothe your weary soul, if only for a moment.

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